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SpeedLink is now providing Customs Clearance services in house for both Export and Import services.

Customs: a definition

First and foremost, Customs is simply an authority or agency that resides at country level. Its first responsibility is not only the collection but also the safeguarding of customs duties.

This management of customs duties is essential for controlling the flow of goods in and out of a country. Therefore, the customs process begins in the country of origin and ends in the country of destination.

SpeedLink manages all queries from the customs authority on your behalf. Once your goods are cleared, we arrange for transit before final delivery.

There are only a limited number of local exceptions around the world. This is why the cost of standard customs clearance can usually be included within the door-to-door transportation charge.

Customs Clearance Services: restricted goods

Depending on local legislation and regulations, the import or export of certain goods may be restricted or forbidden. It is the customs authority that has the large job of enforcing these rules.

Furthermore, each and every local customs authority has the power to set its own import and export charges depending on the type of shipment it processes.

Customs Clearance Services: SpeedLink’s role

Processing customs entries is no easy task. SpeedLink does that every day for its customers because it acts as a broker on their behalf.

Through the local services we provide to customers everywhere, we need to ensure that your customs paperwork is relevant and accurate at all times.

Once thoroughly checked, your shipment information is handed over to the appropriate customs authority. They work with us to expedite the clearance and get your goods delivered quickly and efficiently.

Classifying goods for Customs Clearances Services

SpeedLink validates the paperwork and information for each and every shipment. Shipments will not clear customs unless paperwork is totally accurate and fully complete.

Certain goods shipped by SpeedLink are referred to as commodities and are assigned “commodity codes.” This classification applies to any goods sent and the code is a pre-defined customs regulation.

The commodity code is a critical piece of information for when goods are submitted to the customs authority.


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What Customs Clearance Services can SpeedLink provide?

SpeedLink can offer you a wide choice of both standard and supplementary customs services within our same day courier service remit. They include:

  • Import and Export clearance
  • High value clearance
  • Pre-shipment authorisation
  • Customs document preparation
  • Multi-line entry clearance
  • Customs-related storage
  • Handover to broker
  • Post-clearance modification
  • Advice on tariff quotas
  • Advice on content classification

Our Solutions

When speed is essential to keep critical systems - and relationships - running smoothly.

SpeedLink specialises in customized solutions to match you budget and mission requirement.

Combining services from trusted partners, SpeedLink can offer slower, lower priced options.

Our Expertise


Our Operations Consultants will be available to advise and guide you throughout the quote, booking and shipping process. Our coordinators are focused on ensuring that every shipment runs smoothly, from collection to delivery.

We analyse the needs of each client from the very first contact. We assess the weight and volume of the consignment, as well as other factors which may affect the shipment, such as loading restrictions, access to the property, or opening hours.

SpeedLink ensure that best practice is applied throughout the process to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


SpeedLink has many years of technical and dedicated service with base operations on two continents. Our reach is global, with services spanning the globe. All types of shipments from documents through to full loads and containers have been catered for. So whether its documents across town, machine or ships spares across a continent or secure chain of custody goods across the globe, SpeedLink is your best choice.


SpeedLink provides a local service where you are with over 83 service centres across the UK as well as global affiliates. We can collect from almost anywhere in the UK within 30 - 60 minutes*, allowing for the fastest possible service.

* Subject to local traffic, weather and uncontrolled circumstances.