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Mission and Vision

At SpeedLink, we believe that every good enterprise starts with an dream. But where does a dream become a reality? By defining a mission. Then the next step is formulating a vision. Vision is critical to focusing on an end result.

We all know that people are at the center of any endeavor. So, the focus of any endeavor needs to be on people - whether they are instrumental in the service delivery system or the end user of a product. At SpeedLink, our Mission, Vision and Values are:

Our Mission

To provide businesses and individuals with efficient, safe and affordable transport and delivery services.

Our Vision

SpeedLink Transport Limited will be the leading UK transport and delivery services company that:

  • People want to work with,
  • Customers want to deal with,
  • Shareholders want to invest with.

At SpeedLink, we have great values:

  • We are positive and passionate about everything we do,
  • We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves,
  • We embrace change and innovation,
  • We are friendly and caring toward our People and our Customers, and we treat everyone with respect,
  • We provide our People with the training and tools they need to do their jobs,
  • We celebrate our successes,
  • We personify the hard-working "can-do" attitude,
  • We are honest, open, and keep our commitments,
  • We respect our natural environment.


Our Team

Dave McMillen

Dave McMillen

Founder & Managing Director - Dave's background includes many years in the transport and airline industry with extensive experience in sales & marketing, operations and strategic planning. Past companies include Best Express Kamloops, BC; Phoenix Truck & Crane Vancouver, BC and WestJet Airlines Calgary, AB. Dave also enjoys inflicting country music on the rest of the team when he's in the office. His motto is: "I own the radio, I get to choose the tunes!"

Joanne McMillen

Joanne McMillen

Co-Founder & Director of Finance - Joanne brings close to 25 years of business management experience to SpeedLink. Joanne previously owned and managed a commercial and residential cleaning business for many years. She brings business management, financial control and recruitment experience to her post as well as an excellent approach to customer service. Joanne has studied to keep abreast of current taxation and employee related issues, and works closely with the rest of the directors to ensure that the financial side of the business runs in the most efficient manner possible. She also likes to turn off Dal's heater at lunchtime almost everyday. Even in summer.

Andrea Moggach

Andrea Moggach

Accounts - Andrea has been with SpeedLink many years and has had great success in helping to maintain the company's financial well-being. Andrea is fully accredited with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. She also brings a cheerful smile to her post each and every time she's in the office. Andrea also enjoys hot drinks made by her colleagues during breaks - except from Dave. And she won't tell him why either.

Julie Paes

Julie Paes

Accounts Payable - Julie has recently joined SpeedLink as our AP clerk. Julie brings a wealth of experience and financial acumen to her role. Past experience includes an high-level account position at Oracle UK. Julie is too new at SpeedLink to have any vices. Yet.

Global Offices

  • The Hub
    Farnborough Business Park
    Fowler Avenue
    GU14 7JF
    United Kingdom

  • +44 208 037 7899
    c/o Geoparts
    Paris Rue de Maubeuge
    (Gare du Nord)

    c/o Eurodoc
    Avenue Fonsny 47b
    Brussels Midi

    c/o Speedlink Worldwide
    Schiphol Airport
    Wijkermeerstraat 31 
    2131 HB Hoofddorp

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excellent customer care, competitive prices and their willingness to go the extra mile.

it’s a professional end to end service I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

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The facility to 'live' track the delivery is so helpful when I have a customer looking for updates