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About SpeedLink

SpeedLink is a niche supplier of customised, time critical courier and hot shot solutions across Alberta with service extending out as far as BC, SK, MB & ON; operating light commercial vehicles - motorcycles, cars, vans, pickups and trailers, 5 ton vans – all by home-based, owner drivers. We carry everything from letters to parcels to pallets – IT equipment to biological samples to aircraft spares and almost everything else in between.

I founded SpeedLink in March 2006 in England out of a desire to get some of that freedom I so badly wanted and to see more of the UK and Europe. Since then, SpeedLink has gone from strength to strength. We successfully weathered the recent economic slowdown with sales continually pressing upwards. More importantly, our operating profits have also strengthened, meaning we’re in an even stronger position to drive future growth. SpeedLink has also recently launched service in western Canada with our second Canadian location opened in Toronto in September 2014. We certainly have been getting it right at SpeedLink despite the fact that many courier and transport companies are struggling or simply failing.