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  • Can I use an iPhone?
    SpeedLink's mobile app is only available in either Windows 6 or 6.5 and Android. An iPhone app may be available in the future.  back to top

  • What type of insurance do I need?
    You technically require commercial motor insurance as you will be operating a commercial vehicle.  back to top

  • Do I pay for my own fuel?
    Yes. SpeedLink Owner Drivers supply a vehicle, insurance and fuel when delivering our same day courier services.  back to top

  • Am I guaranteed a back load on each job?
    SpeedLink cannot guarantee a back load every time. However, the rate that you are paid per loaded KM takes into account that you will be returning empty. The rates SpeedLink pays make it economically viable to return empty. We will always endeavour to co-load or back load you wherever we can.  back to top

  • Can I get started in the next few days?
    Perhaps. SpeedLink makes every effort to get you set-up as quickly as possible so that we can get you out on the road right away. You will however be required to attend a 1 hour Induction Session prior to starting.  back to top

  • Do I need to be an Canadian citizen to work for SpeedLink?
    Although you will be self employed, we still require that each Owner Driver is eligible to work in Canada. You may be asked to forward a copy of your Canadian passport, SIN number or passport showing the appropriate visa.  back to top

  • Can I decline work without affecting my membership?
    Yes. SpeedLink endeavours to be as flexible as possible with all Owner Drivers. The only exception to this is if you have accepted a job and then back out at the last minute. Cases like this make it very difficult for dispatch to operate effectively. Continued instances of this nature may well lead to your membership being suspended or terminated.   back to top

  • Can my partner or friend drive for me? Do they have to sign up too?
    Yes - Your partner or friend is permitted to operate your vehicle on your behalf in exceptional circumstances. If it is to become a regular occurrence or you need them continually operate for you, they will need to sign of for a full membership.  back to top

  • Is my membership transferable?
    No. Memberships are not transferable at this time.  back to top

  • How often will I get paid?
    SpeedLink emails an earnings statement to Owner Drivers on or around the middle of the month covering the previous calendar month. You will be required to invoice SpeedLink for the amount shown on this statement in order to get paid. It may take a little more than a month to receive your first pay but once you get into the cycle, your pay will effectively be monthly.  back to top

  • Will I get paid on the same day every month?
    The relationship between the company and Owner Drivers are similar to business/supplier relationships. While SpeedLink will make the best effort to get you paid as soon as possible, pay dates are affected by the speed of submission on your invoice, when the Accounts team are on duty, what holidays or weekends fall in between, etc. etc.  back to top

  • How do I sort out a problem with my pay?
    SpeedLink does not under any circumstances field telephone queries regarding drivers pay. All queries need to be emailed to driverpay.ca@speedlinktc.com which will be processed within 5 days. We suggest that you invoice us according to the statement you receive from Accounts to get your invoice in the pipeline and raise a query at the same time.   back to top

  • How much extra will I be paid for jobs in excess of 800 KM?
    Owner Drivers receive an additional $50 for subsistence. This will cover most B&B/budget hotel expenses if you chose to stay in accommodation. Or, if you want to pocket this instead, that is up to you.  back to top