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Member Benefits

There are some fantastic benefits to partnering with SpeedLink. Flexibility, transparency and fair pay are our hallmarks. Other key benefits are:-

1 – Guaranteed Work: You are guaranteed to receive jobs from SpeedLink without having to source the jobs yourself. We call, you accept, you earn.

2 – No daily paperwork: SpeedLink electronically dispatches our drivers meaning there is no paperwork to complete and remit in order to get paid – except for a single monthly invoice. SpeedLink then pays direct to your bank account by Interac e-Transfer within 30 days – Guaranteed.

3 – Province wide Coverage: SpeedLink serves the whole of Alberta.  This means you’ll be able to take advantage of jobs on a national level, and not just a share of a limited supply of local work. This also dramatically increases the chances of co-loads and backloads.

4 – Flexibility: If you’re not available, simply log-out of our mobile app. We try to be as flexible as possible and staying off-line will not affect your status with SpeedLink. In fact, we actively encourage you to look for other opportunities and develop other options which can dovetail around SpeedLink – as long as you don’t solicit SpeedLink’s customers.

5 – No Start-Up Fee: No cost to get involved.

6 – Zero Hassle: One of the most important advantages to joining forces with SpeedLink is eliminating all the hassle of starting up a conventional business on your own. Most that start up a new business who want to be taken seriously are faced with having to pay upfront for a website, advertising, stationary, uniforms, company registration fees, accountant’s fees, etc. etc.  All this on top of the cost of a new vehicle and insurance and before you even field your first phone call!  At that point you may have a brand new business – but with no track record, no clients and no orders.  SpeedLink can help to jump start your business by embedding you into an established network with paying jobs – right away.