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  • Can I use an iPhone?

    No, SpeedLink’s mobile app is not currently available on Apple’s Appstore, it is only available on Windows 6, 6.5 and Android platforms, however we are hoping to provide an app for Iphones in the future.  back to top

  • What type of vehicle insurance do i need?
    You will require a Hire and Reward motor insurance since you will be operating a commercial vehicle, although it is possible to receive lower premiums if you acquire ‘haulage’ insurance as opposed to 'courier' insurance.  back to top

  • Who pays for the fuel I will be using?

    Yes, all SpeedLink Owner Drivers provide their own vehicle, insurance and fuel. back to top

  • Will I be assured a backload for each shift?

    No, SpeedLink cannot promise that every job will have a backload. The loaded mileage pay is calculated with you driving back with an empty load, therefore the rates that SpeedLink pay make it economical for you to return empty. Nonetheless we will always make the effort to co-load or backload your vehicle wherever possible.  back to top

  • How soon can i get started?

    Very soon in some cases, SpeedLink endeavour to get you set up as soon as possible so that you can start earning right away. The only step required on your behalf is to attend a 1 hour Induction session prior to starting. back to top

  • Do I need to EU/UK citizen to work for SpeedLink?

    Owner Drivers need to be eligible to work in the UK despite being self employed. We may ask you for a copy of your passport or UK NI number in order to show the appropriate visa.  back to top

  • Can i turn down work without it affecting my position in the SpeedLink membership?

    Yes. We provide flexibility to all Owner Drivers. The only risk to your membership comes if you accept a job and back out at the last minute. When this happens it makes it hard for SpeedLink to operate effectively. If these cases happen repeatedly then your membership can become at risk of suspension or termination.   back to top

  • Can my partner or friend drive for me? Do they need to be registered too?
    Yes, however only in exceptional circumstances is your partner or friend permitted to operate your vehicle on your behalf. If you need them to regularly depend on their operating for you, then they will need to sign up for a full membership. back to top

  • Can i transfer my membership?

    No, it is not possible to transfer SpeedLink memberships at this time. back to top

  • How and when do I receive my earnings?

    Monthly. SpeedLink sends your statement via Email on or around the 15th of each calendar month. We require an invoice from you reflecting the statement we provide in order for payment to be made. For your first wage, it may take over a month for the payments to land, however once underway, your payments will be regular each month. SpeedLink always make the best effort to pay you as soon as possible, to ensure this you need to send your invoice with haste, and consider for holidays and weekends to guarantee our Accounts team can process your wage on time.  back to top

  • How do I sort out any issues with my payments?
    SpeedLink do not field telephone calls regarding driver pay under any circumstances. All issues should be emailed to driverpay@speedlinktransport.eu which will be processed within a working week. We strongly recommend that you invoice us according to the statement that is sent to you from the accounts team in order to get your problem in the pipeline for sorting as soon as possible.   back to top

  • How much extra will I earn for jobs that take me over 500 miles?
    There is a £30 subsistence budget for Owner Drivers. This covers most B&B/budget hotel expenses if you need to stay in accommodation overnight. Of course you are entitled to keep the £30 for yourself if you would rather keep the money.  back to top