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Member Benefits

There are brilliant advantages of being partnered with SpeedLink. Our hallmarks are transparency, flexibility and fair pay. Other key benefits are:-

1- Guaranteed Work: We guarantee that you will receive jobs from SpeedLink without the need for you to source your own jobs. We ring you, you take the job, you earn.

2- No Daily Paperwork: SpeedLink’s drivers are electronically dispatched meaning that there is no paperwork to complete and submit in order for you to receive payment- except for the monthly invoice! You will be paid directly to your bank account via BACS within 30 days- Guaranteed.

3- Nationwide Coverage: SpeedLink covers the whole of the UK. You will be able to make use of same day courier jobs across the nation, rather than rely on a limited supply of local jobs. This will raise the chance of your receiving co-loads and backloads.

4- Flexibility: If you can’t work, simply log-out of our mobile app. SpeedLink attempts to be as flexible as possible, so staying offline will not impact on your status with us. Moreover, we actively encourage you to seek out other prospects which can fit in around SpeedLink- as long as you don’t solicit SpeedLink customers!

5- Small Start-Up Fee: The only fee you have to pay is a small enrollment cost which covers the costs of registering you to SpeedLink’s system, the mobile app software and the provision of basic items such as your safety vest and company ID.

6- Zero Hassle: Possibly the biggest advantage of becoming a member with SpeedLink is the elimination of all the stress that comes with starting up your own business. For a new business, you need to pay for a website, advertising, company uniform, company registration fees, accounting fees, etc. Add to that the cost of a new vehicle and insurance before you open for business with no clients, no reputation and no orders. We help you to jump start your business by integrating you into an established network with paying jobs available straight away!