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The word on the street

As I mentioned earlier, we have helped many drivers get into the courier business. Some have done far, far better than I expected and you can too! There is nothing better though than hearing it from your colleagues. This is what some of our drivers would like to share with you –

"Working for SpeedLink gives me the opportunity to visit many different places, see different sights and meet lots of different people whilst providing superb same day courier services. Providing that you have a flexible attitude to life and it also suits your family way of life you can have many memorable experiences. SpeedLink is the best thing I've done!"
Ray Gardener - Leicester

"Some of the things that I like about working for SpeedLink are, I can pick and choose when I want to work and turn down work if I want.  The office staff are always helpful. Using Cab Connect with my phone gives me all the information that I require."
Mick Gilbert - Aldershot

"The main thing I like about SpeedLink is the flexibility of the work so that I can fit it around my normal job and earn an extra income. The fact that I can turn a job down because I am unavailable is good. The staff in the office are very supportive.  I love driving around the country too. All in all, I like being partnered with SpeedLink."
Colin Harris - Horsham

"I have been driving for SpeedLink for more than 2 years; it was easy to get started and I can use my own car.   I love driving, of course, but also enjoy travelling around the country and taking opportunities to see places I would not have visited otherwise. At the start of the day I have no idea where I may be going – sometimes Paris or Brussels! The work is short notice, so you need to be flexible, but it is very useful being able to have time out whenever you want days off."
Olwen Maeers - Great Missenden

"I would just like to thank you for this incredible opportunity you have given me. It is a great comfort to be able to turn work down (when I have other work available) and not lose out on future jobs like some other companies. It is easy to fit this in with other courier work. I would highly recommend SpeedLink to any driver interested in courier work."
Andre van der Merwe - Iver

"I have found SpeedLink to be professional in all aspects of the business. It is a friendly and efficient company to work with.  There are opportunities for varied travel including international destinations.  There is good communication between couriers and office based personnel.  I would highly recommend the company to any business with transport requirements."
Peter Galley - Bridgnorth