IT equipment: Central London data centre to sister site in Paris…

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Shipment: IT equipment including blade servers and assorted ancillary equipment; Sprinter van-load, 1000kgs
Consignor: IT services company
Point of Origin: Level 3 Communications, London
Destination: Level 3 Communications, Nanterre (Paris) France
Distance: 282 miles / 454 KM
Transit Time: 7 hours


An IT services company with a suite at Level 3 Communications in London requires ad hoc collections of equipment from a suite at their central London data centre for secure, direct transport to their suite at Level 3 La Défense, Paris, and opted to use our same day courier services. Hundreds of kilos of equipment that require specialist care and handling as well as secure transport are what SpeedLink specialize in, and therefore we were chosen to supply their IT equipment courier services. The utmost care and handling are supplied at collection. Transport to destination is supplied where the driver does not leave the vehicle at any time unless the vehicle is parked in a secure compound. Off-loading with assistance placing the equipment in the actual locked area of the data centre is also part of our standard same day courier service.