Machine tooling: Farnham to Leicester…

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shipment: Machine parts requiring re-tooling; small pallet 120cm x 80cm x 35cm – 120kgs
Consignor: AVA Mountings
Point of Origin: Farnham, Surrey
Destination: Advanced Mould Tooling, Leicester
Distance: 130 miles / 209 KM
Transit Time: 2.5 hours


A client in Farnham requires various parts to be securely transported to their re-tooling supplier in Leicester. In the past, they have made use of overnight economy services at another company where pieces of equipment have been misrouted or lost, leading to lengthy delays in transport and the knock-on effects of lost production time. SpeedLink has been able to supply a direct, Same Day Courier between Farnham and Leicester in a matter of hours – leading to minimising production downtime. Shipments have been collected mid-afternoon for delivery to destination before end of business on the same day.