Patek Philippe watch: Asia to Europe on behalf of a private client on the Isle of Man…

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shipment: Patek Philippe Luxury watch; <1kg parcel
Consignor: Private Client
Point of Origin: Tel Aviv, Israel
Destination: Family member, Isle of Man
Distance: 3956 miles / 6366 KM
Transit Time: 30 hours


Family heirlooms and other precious articles are in safe, secure hands with same day courier specialists SpeedLink. A private client required transport of an incredibly valuable family heirloom – a Patek Philippe watch. SpeedLink was commissioned to collect the shipment in person from the client in Tel Aviv for secure transport to another family member on the Isle of Man. This was carried out via our On-board Courier Service (OBC) where a member of our team was dispatched to Israel by commercial flight to rendezvous with the client at a convenient time. Our team member then travelled back to Europe via British Airways with a connection via Flybe on to Douglas, Isle of Man. The watch was safely delivered into the hands of the family within 30 hours from collection in pristine condition.