Urgent Ships Spares in Transit: Huntingdon, UK to Algeciras, Spain on behalf of an international gas purification chemicals supplier…

Monday, March 13, 2017

Shipment: Steel flange
Consignor: Premier Chemicals
Point of Origin: Huntingdon, United Kingdom
Destination: Algeciras, Spain
Distance: 1541 miles / 2480 KM
Transit Time: 18.5 hours

Engineers at Premier Chemicals required transport of a small flange from the UK to the port of Algeciras for the vessel Seven Kestrel. The parts required for the final assembly wouldn’t reach them in the UK until later in the day on Thursday. The part needed to be in Algeciras no later than Saturday midday in order to be consolidated with a delivery to the ship itself. This made it too late for an ordinary express shipment. SpeedLink was chosen to provide a ‘shelf to ship’ service via a time critical on board courier service. The part was collected Thursday evening in Cambridgeshire at 7PM and forwarded to London Heathrow. A SpeedLink Same Day Courier hand carried the part via a British Airways commercial flight to Malaga. The final 85 miles was completed by road, with the part arriving at the handling agent for the ship in Algeciras at approximately 2:30PM on Friday afternoon – almost 24 hours ahead of deadline..