Do's and don’ts for sending parcels to America with SpeedLink

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Same Day Courier Services from the UK to the USA

Do you need a parcel or document to cross the Atlantic Ocean from London to New York or Washington DC with an urgent time frame?

At SpeedLink, we specialise in meeting urgent deadlines and helping businesses keep critical systems running. We also help companies meet their customers’ increasing expectations, every day of the year.

Our same day courier services from London to New York, USA and from London to Washington DC, USA are second-to-none, and are equally as reliable and efficient as our same day courier services in the UK and Europe.

Do’s and don’ts for sending parcels to the USA

When it comes to sending parcels to America, there are some rules and regulations you should take into consideration.

Here are some do's and don’ts for sending parcels to America:


  • Check the smaller details about sending your parcel, including if there are weight limits, any addressing standards that you may need to adhere to, whether the item is included on the list of prohibited or restricted items, and whether you need to fill in any customs forms to send your parcel.
  • Use a ZIP code when writing the address on your parcel.
  • Include the mobile phone number of the recipient on your parcel.
  • Attach a CN22 customs label on goods worth up to £270. Include the sender’s full name, address and signature in the top left hand corner of the parcel. Goods worth over £270 require customs declaration CN23 + adhesive plastic wallet SP 126.
  • Check the restrictions on certain items before you send them such as foodstuffs, animals, plastics and cosmetics.


  • Send any prohibited items
  • Send any restricted items in a manner that does not comply with USA law

Send a Parcel from the UK to the USA with SpeedLink

If you would like any further information about our same day courier solutions to the USA, you can contact us online and a member of the team will respond to your query, or you can call us anytime on 0208 037 7899 or 01252 628 785.