How to prepare fragile items for shipping

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Do you need to prepare a fragile item for shopping? Perhaps glassware, chinaware, important jewellery, a piece of furniture or family heirloom? There are lots of goods that may need extra-careful transportation.

SpeedLink are the number one choice for express courier services for fragile items. We offer an efficient freight service to help with all your delivery requirements, including fragile items that need shipping. We can even send your package by our air freight service for deadlines or we can send your fragile items via our sea freight services for bulk fragile shipments.

But how should you prepare fragile items for shipping? At SpeedLink, we have years of experience handling fragile packages, take a look at the following tips we have compiled that can help keep your package safe during transportation.

Measures to take for shipping fragile items

Use a new, corrugated cardboard box

Corrugated cardboard is much stronger than standard cardboard, since it features ridges and grooves for added rigidity and strength. Choosing corrugated cardboard when sending a fragile item for shipping is one of the sturdiest materials you can choose to keep your package secure.

There are different box strengths (marked on the bottom flap of most boxes) and you should choose the box strength that is most suitable for your package.

You should, most definitely, use a new box to ship an especially fragile item. This is because re-used boxes could have been damaged during previous transportation and feature rips, tears, corner damage or punctures. They will also have labels and shipment markings on them already.

Make sure your fragile item(s) is/are protected inside the box

Make sure your package is sufficiently cushioned. You should wrap each item with, at least 2 inches of cushioning, placed at least 2 inches away from the walls of the box, and make sure the contents don’t move when you shake the box.

Some suitable materials for cushioning are: Bubble wrap, polystyrene, air bags and foam.

Make sure your box is shut securely

Use strong tape to close your box. By strong tape, this is a choice of either pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon reinforced filament tape.

It is not recommended to use duct, masking or cellophane tape, as this tape is not thought to be strong enough for fragile items to be shipped overseas.

Properly label your package

It is highly important to label your package correctly for efficient transportation.

You should:

  • Place one, clear shipping label (with one clear recipient address) on top of the package. Avoid placing the label over a seam or on top of the sealing tape.
  • Make sure you include the recipient's postcode with the complete street address and apartment/house number), as well as a contact name, telephone number and postcode.
  • Include your complete return address (but do not write on the shipping label), including full street address and postcode. You should also include your contact name, telephone number and postcode.

SpeedLink Courier Services for Fragile Parcels

If you have a fragile item that needs delivering, then get in touch with us at SpeedLink for our first-class freight service, same day delivery services and more. You can also contact us on 0208 037 7899 or 01252 628 785 to speak to a member of our dedicated courier team and arrange the delivery of your fragile shipments.