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How to ship goods internationally

Friday, August 12, 2016

How to ship goods internationally

Shipping goods internationally can sometimes prove to be a daunting experience. You’ll probably be thinking: What are the rules on the types of products I can ship? How long will it take? What if the goods get lost? How should I package the products? And how much will it cost to ship goods internationally?

At SpeedLink, we are highly experienced couriers who are accustomed to shipping a range of goods overseas. Our services include same day European services, as well as global shipments and, of course, UK delivery.

Time Critical International Delivery 

Check any rules and regulations of the recipient country

It is important to double check what items are accepted by the country you would like your package to be shipped to. Although it may seem like an obvious step in the international shipping process, there are many senders that overlook items that cannot be delivered.

For example, the USA has strict rules about what can be shipped in and out of the country and it is important that you check such rules before sending any parcels. After all, sending unlawful goods to another country can be seen as a serious crime.

Make sure your parcel is packaged securely

Although overseas couriers, like SpeedLink, will be careful with your parcel and try their best not to damage goods. It is inevitable that poorly wrapped items and unsecure parcels are much more likely to be damaged during shipment.

There are a number of materials that you can buy to ensure that your parcel is well wrapped in order to avoid any damage during shipment.

Decide on sea freight or air freight

It is essential to decide how you would like your goods to be transported, at SpeedLink, we offer both an air freight and a sea freight option, which are of equally high-quality and are effective modes of transport.

For more time critical deliveries, you may be more inclined to opt for our same day, next flight out courier service that will ensure your parcel is delivered quickly, efficiently and safely.

Contact us at SpeedLink

If you have any questions about shipping goods internationally, then please do not hesitate to contact us at SpeedLink, we are more than happy to provide you with some advice and find the best courier service to suit your bespoke requirements. 

Alternatively, you can speak to a SpeedLink specialist directly by calling us on 01252 628 785 or 0800 077 8868.

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Fast efficient and friendly service!

I found Speedlink via google search when looking for a same day courier.

They have arrived promptly and have completed the delivery on time. The drivers have always been courteous and efficient

I would recommend SpeedLink to anyone – twice in 1 week you guys saved the day! We will certainly be using you again in the future you provide a very impressive service!