Secure Medical Courier Services from SpeedLink

Thursday, March 17, 2016

When it comes to medical courier services, there is no more secure choice than SpeedLink. We can help you with all your medical deliveries involved with Clinical Trials.

We have a team of experienced staff who are incredibly dedicated and supervise the safe flow of Clinical Trial shipments with the upmost professionalism.

We understand that regulatory, legal and logistical challenges can sometimes overwhelm our customers, but here at SpeedLink we ensure that we offer all solutions with our medical courier services that will give you confidence in your medical deliveries.

No matter where the Clinical Trial is taking place, SpeedLink’s medical couriers can ensure the safe delivery of investigative medicines and clinical trial materials. These will be delivered to your nominated doctors.

What’s more, we can also gather patient samples for the duration of the trial, and indeed return these samples for analysis to your laboratory.

More about SpeedLink's Medical Courier Services

At SpeedLink, we understand and have experience delivering medical goods. As a result, we offer ambient, chilled or frozen shipping methods as part of our medical courier services.

In addition, we can also ensure that we can intercept shipments during transport, where required.

Our secure medical courier services include: Dedicated shipment pickup (if required), online, real time GPS tracking, handling of biological contents such as UN3373 Cat B, delivery pre-noon on the next possible day, Saturday or Sunday Delivery when required and competency in handling dry ice as a refrigerant.

As you can see our medical courier services are highly meticulous and, as a result, you can trust us to deliver your medical goods efficiently, quickly and, above all, safely.

UK and European Medical Courier Services

Here at SpeedLink, we have dedicated and trusted service centres for medical deliveries situated all across the UK. As a result, our highly experienced, well-trained medical couriers operate throughout the country.

Not looking for the transportation of medicines or medicinal equipment, but would like a same day European delivery?

Even if you are not looking for medical courier services, our same day European courier services will pay no less attention to detail and are equally reliable. Whether you want to send a small envelope or a large truck load of goods, we can help you here at SpeedLink.

Contact us for European Same Day Courier Services from SpeedLink

We pride ourselves on offering a European same day courier service up to 50% faster than the leading East European operators. So who better to turn to when you need an urgent, time critical shipment from the UK to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland or Spain? Why not call our friendly team on 0208 037 7899 who operate Monday to Friday, or request a quote online instead 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?