Ship exhibition and events equipment across Europe

Friday, November 25, 2016

SpeedLink provide a range of courier services that allow businesses to make same or next day deliveries. We ship all kinds of cargo throughout Europe including exhibition and events equipment.

Whether you are an events company looking to ship goods for numerous events, or an individual wanting to organise an event abroad, benefit from our exhibition and event service at SpeedLink.

Exhibitions and Events Courier Service

SpeedLink can ship the goods required for your event anywhere in Europe. It is important that you can take confidence in our ability to deliver your important cargo, so you can relax and concentrate on more important matters.

We will ship everything you need for your event along with any extra luggage you have. SpeedLink are highly-experienced couriers and have amassed a reputation for secure and reliable delivery services.

Road Freight from SpeedLink

We can deliver your event and exhibition equipment by road, sea or rail and determine the best route to ensure safe and quick delivery. SpeedLink’s road freight service is secure and efficient, no matter the size of the shipment.

No matter how much you need delivered, we can help you at SpeedLink. From small deliveries to large lorry loads, we’ve got you covered.

If you are looking for same day transport for high-priority goods, then opt for the rapid service from SpeedLink.

European Same Day Delivery from SpeedLink

SpeedLink’s European same day delivery service is a great way of ensuring that your event and exhibition equipment are delivered the very same day.

Whether you would like an envelope or much bigger item delivered, SpeedLink will ensure your goods are delivered quickly and efficiently.

We love to deliver time-critical shipments on time and on budget. SpeedLink offer real-time GPS tracking so you’ll always know where your items are and we can collect your shipment within 60 minutes of you placing the order.

Contact SpeedLink

If you are interested in SpeedLink’s same and next day delivery services, then please contact us online. Alternatively, call a member of the SpeedLink team directly on 01252 628 785 or 0208 037 7899 and we can answer any questions you may have.