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SpeedLink was commissioned to transport evidence from the UK to a pathologist in the US by our Secure Chain of Custody - On Board Courier service on behalf of the Greater Manchester Police and Calamat.

Miller School of Medicine Miami

Mission success

We were contacted to supply a secure chain of custody shipment of pathology evidence from a criminal trail to a pathologist in the US.

This was at the beginning of the pandemic when travel from Europe to the US was banned for non-US nationals. SpeedLink was able to obtain a special Visa waiver from the US State Department, allowing our courier to travel from the UK to the US and securely deliver the materials.

It was imperative that the materials were kept secure throughout as they were the only set of slides of pathology that both the defence and prosecution relied on for the proceedings.

The slides were securely delivered as promised from Manchester UK to Miami.

On Board Secure Chain of Custody

Mission Details:

Shipment: Histology slides
Consignor: Greater Manchester Police
Point of Origin: Manchester, UK
Destination: Miami, Florida, USA
Distance: 4320 miles / 6953 KM
Transit Time: 36 hours

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