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Poland Same Day Courier Services

Our SpeedLink European Same Day Express courier delivery service ensures that time critical packages will be transported from anywhere in the UK to Poland quickly, efficiently and securely.

Whether it is a speedy delivery to cultural, political and economic hub Warsaw, historic Krakow or Baltic seaport Gdansk, or a budget shipment to the central city of Lodz, historic Poznan or Lubin in the southwest our team is available 24/7 to organise transit.

You will always speak to a live operator who will be able to quote, book and collect payment details within a matter of minutes – you don’t even need to have an account to arrange shipping with us.

As we have more than 65 centres around the British Isles we can pick up your delivery within 60 minutes of your booking. The shipment will then be tracked using our state-of-the-art electronic dispatch and control system and proof of delivery immediately sent electronically to the customer’s phone or computer.


Our motto is ‘Always available. Always on. Your fastest delivery option is never closed’. SpeedLink provides a wide range of standard and customised shipping services tailored to your individual needs. 

Being ISO certified, our customers are guaranteed that their packages will arrive in Poland in the same condition they left the UK.

Call us on 0800 077 8868

or +44 1252 628 785

UK Service Centres

Available throughout the UK

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Follow your package securely online

European Services

Centres all over Europe

Instant Proof of Delivery

Get notified immediately on delivery

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As well as specialising in time critical shipments we offer transport solutions to suit any budget. These include our two to six day shipping service to all corners of Poland. Our total focus is on each individual delivery which is guaranteed to be secure, fast and flexible. Because we have no preset weight or size limits we are available to send anything from an envelope to a shipment requiring a cargo plane to Poland. 

Contact us for our best price and an instant quote.

Call us on 0800 077 8868

or +44 1252 628 785

Courier Service Testimonials

I found Speedlink via google search when looking for a same day courier.

excellent customer care, competitive prices and their willingness to go the extra mile.

They have arrived promptly and have completed the delivery on time. The drivers have always been courteous and efficient

The facility to 'live' track the delivery is so helpful when I have a customer looking for updates

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