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ADR and IATA Dangerous Goods Courier | Time Critical Delivery

SpeedLink has significant experience in carrying approved Dangerous Goods. SpeedLink adheres to the following regulations:

IATA for air transport, applicable within all countries which work under the ICAO regulations and any airline under the IATA regulations

ADR for road transport, the EU directives concerning the transport of Dangerous Goods, applicable within all countries that have adopted the ADR convention in their legislation and additionally within Europe


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If you are unsure about which regulations apply to you, please contact SpeedLink for further advice.

Please note:

Dangerous Goods shipments must be prepared in accordance with the relevant Dangerous Goods regulations such as IATA /ICAO:

  • Correctly packed, marked and labelled
  • Required documents completed
  • All State and Operator Variations must be complied with

Only Dangerous Goods shipments which have been booked and approved with SpeedLink prior to collection will be accepted.


Courier Service Case Studies


Distance: 981 miles / 1578 KM
Transit Time: 29 hours

A tanker vessel in port required 10,000 litres of fuel additive to be mixed with the fuel on board before pumping and off-loading to the terminal at Bayonne. The only additive available was held in stock at Ellesmere Port. An 18T truck was dispatched to collect from Ellesmere Port and drive direct to the ship waiting in France. The shipment was delivered 29 hours after collection. 

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Dangerous Goods Shipments

SpeedLink has vital experience in carrying and shipping approved dangerous goods whilst adhering to all current regulations. You don’t need to be a SpeedLink account holder to ship your items, ensuring your time critical deliveries can be completed without unnecessary red tape having to be completed. Be assured that your dangerous shipments are secure with SpeedLink.

Preparing a Dangerous Goods Shipment

SpeedLink adheres to IATA within all countries which work under ICAO regulations. For road transport all couriers adhere to ADR. Items must be correctly packaged, marked and labelled and all relevant documents must be completed. We can offer support and guidance to ensure your items are packed and booked correctly so as to avoid any issues at customs.

Reliable Delivery Services from SpeedLink

Our clients can track their dangerous goods during its transportation when using SpeedLink. You can find out when your shipment is scheduled to arrive at its destination using this state-of-the-art real time GPS tracking software. With an extensive network of service centres throughout the UK, we can collect and ship from almost anywhere. Visit our case studies page to see examples of our exemplary work.

Choose SpeedLink for Dangerous Goods Services

SpeedLink are the prime choice for providing secure, reputable and quick dangerous goods courier services. We have amassed a reputation for safe, secure deliveries that arrive on time and on budget. We approach every delivery the same, no matter its size or scale, treating them with the same professionalism and high-quality service. For more information and a bespoke quote, contact one of our qualified team members on 0800 077 8868.

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