International Secure Data Courier

Book an international secure data courier from SpeedLink to make sure your package reaches its destination safely and securely.

Our data courier service is experienced in handling sensitive, fragile, or dangerous goods, making us the best choice to handle your data delivery. We have extensive experience in transporting medical samples, cremated remains, pets and animals, and much more.

We collect your package from anywhere in the UK, and can start its delivery soon after. This means you’re not waiting longer than you have to for it to reach its destination, which is important for a lot of businesses handling sensitive data.

With over 83 service centres in the UK - we can be with you in under 60 minutes.*  Call now on +44 (0) 208 037 7899 for immediate assistance

* Subject to local traffic, weather and uncontrolled circumstances

A Secure International Data Courier Service

With SpeedLink, we ensure that your data courier knows the best way to deliver your package whether that’s in Europe, across North America, or any other destination. We know the fastest and most efficient way to get to your destination with no stress. We inspire confidence by making sure there’s a secure chain of custody from the moment we collect your package, so you know it’s in good hands.

Find out more about our secure International data courier service by reading our case studies and hearing from real people who have used our service.


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Time Critical Data Courier Services

A secure data courier from SpeedLink ensures time critical deliveries are made on time. Sensitive data needs to be handled carefully, and we have a range of delivery options to suit any situation.

We take pride in providing quick and reliable data courier services, as we can be 24-48 hours faster than major couriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other companies. Whether you are delivering to Europe, or elsewhere in the world, we can meet your deadlines to make sure the data you send is still useful.


Service Suite

Fast road based transport with dedicated vehicle and driver to the UK and Europe.

Best For:

Urgent delivery to a UK or European destination that can be reached by road within the same day.

Sub Products:

European Same Day Courier
London Motorcycle Courier

Direct flights worldwide using the first, most suitable aircraft or high speed train for lift off.

Best For:

Urgent delivery by rail or air to a UK or international address that cannot be reached by road within the same day.

Sub Products:

Next Flight Out
Next High-speed Train to Europe

Personally accompanied delivery by air; rotary or fixed wing, air freighter or commercial flight.

Best For:

Delivery of confidential, sensitive or valuable items requiring a Secure Chain of Custody from collection to delivery.

Sub Products:

On Board Courier
Chartered Aircraft‎‎‎‎

Our Expertise

Reliable International Data Couriers

Reliable International Data Couriers

We have a professional team of reliable international data couriers at SpeedLink. This allows us to guarantee the safe of client shipments anywhere in the UK, across Europe, and other international locations.

A wide range of Secure Data Courier Solutions

A wide range of Secure Data Courier Solutions

We supply a wide range of secure data courier solutions, and can confidently transport the parcel all around the world from any of our UK service centres in timeframe that matches your budget and needs.

Tracking your International Data Courier

Tracking your International Data Courier

SpeedLink allow clients to track their package as it is on the move, giving them the best possible idea of a time of arrival, no matter if shipments are being delivered in the UK, Europe or anywhere else across the globe.

International Data Courier Services from SpeedLink

International Data Courier Services from SpeedLink

For fast, secure and reliable secure data courier services, SpeedLink are the clear and obvious choice. Transport your data securely all around the world with our trusted and professional couriers.

Choose SpeedLink For A Reliable Data Courier

SpeedLink has a reputation for fast and reliable international data couriers. It doesn’t matter where your package needs to be delivered to, we make sure it arrives on time. With a range of transport methods and routes available, we have a service for every schedule and budget.

With our data courier, you’ll be aware of where your package is at all times. You can track the delivery throughout its journey for peace of mind, and can set up proactive notifications that allow you to go about your day without worry.

SpeedLink also provides International secure data courier services in:

Contact SpeedLink For A Data Courier Service

Find out more about our international secure data courier service by filling in the form on our contact page, or use it to book your delivery.

You can book a secure data courier every day of the year, but our contact centre operates Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm. This means that any journeys over the weekend or bank holidays need to be booked in advance to ensure your deadlines are met.

Speak to a member of the SpeedLink team now to find out more about our data couriers and learn how we handle every delivery.