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Medical Courier Services

SpeedLink have a team of experienced personnel who are dedicated to the task of supervising the safe flow of Clinical Trial shipments. Regulatory, legal and logistical challenges are routinely solved via the use of our medical courier services. No matter where the Clinical Trial is taking place, SpeedLink’s medical couriers can ensure the safe delivery of investigative medicines and clinical trial materials to your nominated doctors, and also gather patient samples for the duration of the programme. From there, our medical courier team can carefully return these for analysis to your laboratory.

Secure Medical Courier Services

Due to the sensitivity of contents, SpeedLink’s medical courier service offers ambient, chilled or frozen shipping methods, with capabilities for intercepting shipments during transit. Our secure medical courier services encompass the following aspects:

  • Dedicated shipment pickup if required
  • Options for ambient, chilled and frozen contents
  • Online, real time GPS tracking
  • Handling of biological contents such as UN3373 Cat B - Download a FREE Label
  • Delivery pre-noon on the next possible day
  • Saturday or Sunday Delivery when required
  • Competency in handling dry ice as a refrigerant

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Medical Courier Services in the UK & Europe

SpeedLink have dedicated service centres situated all across the UK, and our highly experienced medical couriers operate throughout the country and around Europe. Due to the sensitivity of deliveries such as medicines and medical equipment, it is imperative to enlist secure and reliable medical courier services. SpeedLink have earned a trusted reputation within the courier industry during our decade business tenure; take a look at our case studies page to see some examples of the medical courier work we’ve delivered.

Contact us for reliable Medical Courier Services

If you would like to enlist our reliable medical courier services, or are looking to obtain any further information regarding them, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team. You can request a quote online, or call us on 0800 077 8868 to speak with one of our advisors.


Courier Service Case Studies

Consignor: Parents of new born children
Distance: 15 - 590 miles / 24 - 949 KM
Transit Time: 1 - 12 hours

One of Britain’s largest stem cell banking services turned to SpeedLink to improve customer experience, minimize staff overtime and directly reduce shipment costs. This has been highly successful with close to 1000 shipments completed from points across England, Wales and Scotland.

More Courier Service Case Studies

Reliable Medical Courier Services

SpeedLink have earned a reputation as a leading provider of reliable medical courier services, and our highly experienced team can be trusted to complete the safe and efficient delivery of medicines and other medical equipment on a same-day basis.

Efficient and secure Medical Courier Service

Time-critical shipments are regularly required within the medical industry. SpeedLink’s efficient and secure medical courier services allow clients to track their item(s), and ultimately ensure that they will arrive at their destination on time.

Medical Courier Services in the UK & Europe

SpeedLink offer medical courier services in the UK and Europe, guaranteeing the safe and efficient delivery of essential medicines and other medical materials regardless of where a clinical trial is occurring. Go to our case studies page to view some of our past medical courier work in the UK and throughout Europe.

Medical Courier Services from SpeedLink

SpeedLink are a leading supplier of medical courier services in the UK, Europe and all across the world. The reliability of our medical courier services makes us first choice for such solutions; call our team on 0800 077 8868 for more information.


In setting up a Clinical Trial with SpeedLink, each shipment benefits from the following support:

  • A dedicated contact for the duration of the programme
  • Local contacts in each of the countries where the trial is being performed
  • Compliance to local or regional regulations for restricted contents
  • Live, real time GPS tracking of shipments during transit
  • Latest possible pick up times and pre-noon deliveries as standard
  • Forward shipping of medical supplies and return shipping of patient samples
  • Programme set up depending on the duration, geography, sensitivity and volume of the trial
  • Desktop tracking of patient samples sent by investigators
  • All inclusive pricing.

Take advantage of these optional services

Because every clinical trial is different, SpeedLink offers a variety of optional services and handling options to suit your needs:


Temperature controlled packaging in various sizes and shapes delivered to the investigators before the trial commences. They provide optimal content protection and temperature control.

Coolant material

Dry ice or gel packs arranged at shipment origin to control content temperature through to delivery.

Billing services

Flexible options for the billing of transport charges and taxes.

Pre-printed Waybills: These can be supplied to investigators before the trial commences to simplify the return of patient samples.

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