Drilling equipment: Aberdeen to Sicily in only 2 days…

Friday, April 24, 2015


Shipment: Electric Motor; 300kgs, 100cm x 90cm x 90cm
Consignor: TESCO Corporation
Point of Origin: Aberdeen, UK
Destination: Catania, Sicily, IT
Distance: 2180 miles / 3508 KM
Transit Time: 47 hours


The customer required a motor weighing 300kgs in Sicily within 3 days. An air express delivery option would have been cost-prohibitive, and a road express service was also not possible due to the transit time. SpeedLink was contacted to supply a European Direct Drive option, one of our many same day courier solutions. The concern was if SpeedLink would be able to reach the destination within the required time if a driver were to drive the entire 2180 miles. The client was advised that the shipment could be relayed in the network with a fresh driver and vehicle utilized partway through to the delivery point. This method was utilized, and the shipment reached the delivery point within 47 hours from collection, and well within the customer's requested deadline.