Large Item Delivery Services from SpeedLink

Thursday, June 23, 2016

SpeedLink are a trusted courier service, providing first-class same day and next day courier delivery services throughout the UK, throughout the EU and in international destinations.

All of our services also apply to large items. For any large items that you need to deliver overseas, or on a time critical deadline, SpeedLink can arrange for your large item to be delivered efficiently and safely anyway in the UK and internationally.

Deliver large items with SpeedLink

We offer special services for a range of different goods, including medical goods, drinks (spirits and wines), marine products and much more. This means we are not limited by goods we can and cannot transport, and we can deliver your parcel or package however large it may be.

Exhibition and Events Courier Services

Some of the most important and popular large items to be shipped with SpeedLink include exhibition and events products and fine art. All items that fall into these categories are of high value, and should only be transported by the best, most trusted courier services from SpeedLink.

We can ship via several different modes, depending on the level of speed and security you require.

No matter if you need an economical and slow shipping option, or ultra-fast and secure transport, SpeedLink is the answer.

We can handle small shipments under 100kgs, all the way up to entire truck loads! With our extensive experience across Europe, you can be confident that your equipment is in good hands and that your good will be on time when you need them.

Fine Art Delivery Services

SpeedLink has many years of experience transporting fine art, sculptures and paintings across the UK and Europe. Our trusted and trained professionals will handle your artwork and any other large items with the upmost consideration and care, ensuring it maintains its value and arrives in a perfect condition.

At SpeedLink, we offer reliable fine art courier services that you can trust. What’s more, specialist packing and crating is also available when you opt for our fine art courier services to ensure the safest transport possible.

Contact us at SpeedLink for large item delivery

If you would like to find out more about our large item delivery services from SpeedLink, you can contact us online and a member of the team will answer your query shortly. Alternatively you can call SpeedLink direct on 0208 037 7899 or 01252 628 785