Special Courier Services from SpeedLink

Friday, September 09, 2016

Special Courier Services from SpeedLink
SpeedLink offer a range of specialised courier services for businesses from an extensive range of sectors. Our commercial delivery services are so popular because it gives businesses the opportunity to track the transportation of their delivery.

SpeedLink have amassed a reputation for reliability, security and outstanding levels of customer service. Whether you require UK same day delivery, European next day delivery or air freight services look no further than SpeedLink.

Our special delivery services include the transportation of medical and pharmaceutical supplies, drinks (including spirits and wines), fine art and IT equipment, as well as other specialised goods. Of course, our delivery depends on the general transportation rules of the country you are delivering to, and we can offer you advice where required.

On board courier service from SpeedLink

Because we offer door-to-door services for time-critical shipments all year round, SpeedLink are an incredibly popular choice when it comes to our on board courier services. Not only do our hard-working team allow your business constant, in-transit contact with your shipment, we can guarantee that your goods will be delivered safely and on-time.

Because our service is so reliable, we are a fantastic choice for commercial deliveries. Namely, companies in the automotive, financial, energy, pharmaceutical, medical and fashion sectors rely on SpeedLink to deliver their important documents and parcels every day.

Our dedicated team take care of the whole delivery. We manage all the details, including flight bookings, entry requirements and customs regulations, no matter where you are making your delivery and what service you require. SpeedLink deliveries are ISO9001 2008 certified and highly secure.

Secure Courier Services

If you are a company that has a time-critical deadline to meet, we understand that you need to make sure you have a secure courier service that you can rely on. After all, it is highly important that you meet the specific requirements and expectations of your clients and customers.

SpeedLink offer such a reliable secure courier service that you can trust us to exceed the expectations of your client and help you provide a service that really is second-to-none.

Contact us at SpeedLink for your time critical deliveries

If you are interested in any of the delivery services from SpeedLink, then please contact us online and we’ll be happy to help your company deliver your items in a timely and efficient manner.

Call 0208 037 7899 to speak to a member of SpeedLink directly for more information, to book a delivery or to request a quote.