Ashes scattering

SpeedLink had the privilege of transporting and scattering the ashes of a lady named Vivianne from the UK to Malta in June 2024.

Vivianne passed away in 2021 and her wishes were that her ashes be transported to Malta and scattered on the shoreline.

The firm of solicitors handling her affairs in Telford contacted SpeedLink to enquire as to the possibility of transporting Vivianne's ashes from their offices to a suitable location in Malta for scattering. SpeedLink worked with the firm to select a location that met with the clients wishes and complied with local regulations.

Selecting a Suitable Ashes Scattering Location

Researching Maltese regulations confirmed that scatterings were permissible on the shoreline provided that they were not scattered in public urban zones, bathing areas or harbours. A suitable location was selected near St Julian's on the shoreline so that the ashes could be scattered at sea.

Dignified and Professional

Prior to the actual scattering SpeedLink ensured that the winds and weather were favourable and that the scattering would not result in any of the ashes coming into contact with the shore. In the end, it was a sunny day with a light breeze coming from inland ensuring the ashes were gently blown onto the water.

Can We Help with an Ashes Scattering Service?

Understandably, most family members wish to be present at the scattering of a loved ones ashes. However, this may not always be possible or practical for many reason. SpeedLink is here to help. To date, we have transported ashes internationally to North and South America, Africa, Asia and many European countries. We can also help to arrange a dignified and professional send-off of your loves remains with an ashes scattering - whether it's on The River Thames in London, the Seine in Paris, the Tiber in Rome, the beaches of Normandy, the Arizona desert, the Canadian wilderness or the seas around almost any country.

Contact the SpeedLink team today to find out more or to book a memorable, thoughtful and dignified ashes scattering service anywhere.

Ashes Scattering in Malta.
Golden Bay Malta.

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