Ship your goods overseas with SpeedLink

Monday, July 11, 2016

SpeedLink provides overseas shipping as one of our many services that’s crucial to most businesses that trade abroad. That’s why we offer a range of reliable overseas shipping services that are sure to get your parcel delivered as reliably and efficiently as possible.

Whether you are looking to send a light envelope abroad or truck load of goods overseas, we can help here at SpeedLink.

Transport your goods overseas via air or sea

Our air freight services and sea freight services are professional, reliable and great value. Because we are such a dedicated and well-established freight-delivery company, you can be confident that transporting your goods with our overseas freight service is one of the safest and most efficient ways to transport your goods.

Take a look at our overseas shipping services and see just how SpeedLink can help you with overseas transportation:

Air Freight

We understand that businesses, and individuals, need a high-performing air freight provider to meet tight deadlines, as well as flexibility to meet your changing requirements.

With a comprehensive portfolio of time critical options, SpeedLink can be sure to meet your air freight requirements, whatever your delivery deadline.

You have the option to pick from a number of transit times, whether it is next day delivery, or three to five days. The air freight services we provide ship to any international or European destination within your desired time frame.

We can provide our air freight services whatever the size and weight of your delivery through regular commercial flights and special chartered aircraft, commissioned especially to get your parcel delivered on time.

Air freight is efficient and works well for time critical deliveries, for larger items you might want to consider our sea freight service.

Sea Freight

Sea freight services from SpeedLink include a wide range of options to get your parcel from A to B. SpeedLink works closely with a global network of carriers with links to all the major container ports in the world. Worldwide delivery is available with our sea freight services and it’s reliable and efficient.

You can trust us at SpeedLink to get your goods delivered overseas on time, to the right place and all at great value. With the ability to ship full containers, oversized packages and less than a full container. This service is particularly useful if you’re emigrating to a different country and have large household items that you need to transport.

Enquire about air and sea freight services

If you’re unsure about which overseas shipping option is the best for you and would like to get more information about our overseas delivery services, contact SpeedLink online and we’d be happy to help with your enquiries. You can also contact us direct by calling 0208 037 7899 or 01252 628 785.