Ashes Shipping FAQs Main Topics

SpeedLink's ashes and cremated remains shipping FAQs should be able to answer most of your questions and queries regarding send ashes / cremated remains across the UK, Europe, North America and the worldwide destinations. If there is anything not covered here, or if you need further information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We're standing by ready to help.

The Basics on Shipping Cremated Remains and Ashes

Can you send ashes or cremated human remains through a parcel network like Parcelforce or DHL?

No. Virtually all parcel networks globally prohibit the carriage of cremated human remains through their networks. Any ashes that are detected in these networks are stopped and returned to origin. SpeedLink can help with shipping ashes domestically or to international destinations.

Can you send ashes or cremated human remains in the post?

No. Not in the UK* and most of Europe. However, most postal systems worldwide will allow ashes with strict guidelines which SpeedLink can advise on.

*The Royal Mail in the UK will only allow a token of ashes – 50g or less – to be sent via mail within the UK or internationally. This is far less than the entirety of ashes after cremation. Many European countries prohibit ashes in their postal networks altogether. To send human ashes in or from the UK, please contact SpeedLink Repatriation for more information.

Can you send ashes with a specialist courier service?

Yes. Ashes can be sent with a service like SpeedLink, an international hand carry courier (OBC) or through airlines air freight networks. SpeedLink provides the very best personalised service for sending ashes across the UK, Europe and internationally.

Can you send ashes direct with an airline?

No. Due to strict safety and security guidelines, airlines do not deal with members of the public on an ad-hoc basis, or businesses not registered as ‘Known shippers.’ In most cases, Known Shippers are IATA registered air freight services or freight forwarders.

How good are freight forwarding services for shipping ashes?

Poor. Grieving families wanting to ship ashes are not freight forwarders core audience. Forwarders usually do not provide a thoughtful and personalised service as you would expect from a specialist ashes shipping company like SpeedLink. Sadly, forwarders often fail to advise the full scope and costs up-front. They are eager to get your order and payment and get the ashes in the air. In most cases this will cost between £700 and £1000. They often fail to explain that you will need to hire a forwarder in the destination country, clear customs on arrival, and arrange for collection by an approved courier from the airline. This often adds substantial costs and stress at a difficult time. It’s not uncommon for the initial cost to double or triple to over £2000 in the end.

Can I personally take ashes with me on a plane?

Yes. However, there are many points to consider such as airline specific regulations, country of destination regulations, customs, permits, and liaising with foreign embassies. Official documents should be translated into the official language of the destination country. It’s not as simple as carrying a bag on the plane whilst on holiday. Do not arrive at the airport and expect to be treated with kid gloves and whisked through security or through customs on arrival.

Are ashes safe when sent with SpeedLink?

Yes. SpeedLink offers one of the safest and most secure ashes courier services in the world as well as lower cost, economical options. Even if a country prohibits ashes in their postal system, SpeedLink can still ship cremated remains to that country.

How can I ship an ashes parcel with SpeedLink?

Simply give SpeedLink a telephone call to obtain a quote. Please ensure that you have to hand the collection and delivery addresses with postal or Zip codes, as well as the weight and dimensions of the urn. If you are happy with our quote and would like to proceed, we can confirm your booking with a payment by card over the phone or online via our online booking system.

Do I need an account to ship ashes with SpeedLink?

No. Anyone is welcome to make use of our services. If you do not have a pre-existing credit account with us, you can pay by credit or debit card or BACS (EFT). Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

What areas does SpeedLink serve?

SpeedLink is based in the United Kingdom and covers the entire country including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We can ship to almost anywhere in the world or provide an Import service to the UK.

Where does SpeedLink ship to in the UK?

SpeedLink ships to every single address in the United Kingdom including England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Where can SpeedLink ship ashes to internationally?

SpeedLink can ship ashes and cremated remains to almost any country in world, with only a few exceptions such as Russia, Libya, Syria, North Korea, etc., etc. SpeedLink can also offer our economy ashes shipping service to all countries via our Canada offices except: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, New Zealand, North Korea, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, or Vatican City. For services to these countries, please see our personalised Cremated Remains Courier service page.

Ashes Shipping Regulations

Do you need special permission to ship ashes to another country?

Yes – in many cases. All countries have specific requirements for shipping ashes. SpeedLink can help with overcoming the issues with shipping human ashes anywhere.

Do you have to make a customs declaration for ashes?

Yes. Anything you ship across a border apart from documents require a customs declaration. Some countries are very strict, while others only require informal declarations. SpeedLink can assist with this. Embassies of countries you want to send ashes to are also a good source of information on procedures for the destination country.

Can SpeedLink look after all the paperwork for an ashes shipment internationally?

Yes. Providing you supply copies of the death and cremation certificates or the local equivalents, SpeedLink looks after everything else with few exceptions.

International Destinations for Ashes Shipping FAQ’s

Can I send ashes to the USA?

Yes. SpeedLink can assist with either a rapid, personalised ashes delivery service or a slower economy service. Both have advantages over the other. The one you select will depend on the timings you wish and budget. For details on requirements on sending ashes to the US – see: U.S. Customs and Border Protection SpeedLink also offers our economy service from the US to the UK.

Can I send ashes to Canada?

Yes. SpeedLink can help with several options based on the timeframe you are working to any your budget. SpeedLink have offices in London England, Calgary Alberta, and Canada’s capital city – Ottawa. For details on requirements on sending to Canada – see: Canada Border Services Agency SpeedLink also offers our economy service from Canada to the UK and beyond.

Can I courier ashes to the Philippines?

Yes. SpeedLink recently repatriated human ashes to Cebu City in the Philippines on our hand carry service. Our economy service is also available to send ashes to the Philippines. For regulatory information on imports of ashes to the Philippines, see: Philippine Consulate Los Angeles

Can I send ashes to Australia?

Yes. Our economy service is available to send ashes to all states and territories in Australia. SpeedLink can also provide a dedicated, hand-carry service for ashes destined for Australia. For regulatory information on imports of ashes to Australia, see: Australian Border Force

Can I send ashes to Germany?

Yes. However, ashes must be delivered direct to a funeral home, mortuary, or burial ground via a direct drive courier or freight forwarder. Individuals are not permitted to handle ashes in Germany. Regulations vary from state to state. SpeedLink has extensive experience transporting cremated remains and human ashes to all regions of Germany. Please Contact Us for assistance on +44 1252 786 015. Please note that human ashes are prohibited in DHL or Germany’s postal system – Deutsche Post

Ashes Shipping Costs

How much does it cost to send ashes in the UK?

Costs will vary depending on the distance. Contact SpeedLink to get an estimate for sending ashes in the UK on 01252 786 015. We will require the collection and delivery postcodes and the timing you would like to work towards. Prices start at £85 + VAT for local deliveries.

How much does it cost to send ashes out of the UK?

Costs will vary depending on destination. SpeedLink can send ashes to most countries from the UK for a low, flat rate of £1195 including packing, customs, and final mile delivery. Contact SpeedLink for more details on sending ashes out of the UK on +44 1252 786 015. SpeedLink also extends trade discounts for shipping cremated remains to the funeral and bereavement trade.

Packaging Ashes and Scattering Services

What type of urn can I ship ashes in?

X-Ray Friendly. Urns or caskets are passed through scanners in the screening process and need to be of a material that scanners can penetrate. Cardboard, plastic, or wood containers are acceptable as are scatter tubes. SpeedLink can repack ashes in an appropriate container for air transport if required. Lead lined containers are generally unsuitable for air transport.

Can I send ashes with SpeedLink and have the ashes scattered?

Yes. SpeedLink can help you arrange for the safe and dignified transport of ashes to an ashes scattering location and can even scatter them on your behalf.

Delivery FAQs

Can SpeedLink deliver ashes to PO boxes?

Yes. For ashes shipped via our economy service through our Canada office, we can send ashes to a PO box virtually anywhere in the world.

What if no one is available to receive an ashes delivery?

For our specialised hand carry, same day / direct drive or similar services, we will make every effort to complete a delivery as arranged. This may involve addition wait time or redirection to an alternative address which may incur additional charges. Please see our Conditions of Carriage and our Change and Cancel policies for further details.

Can you deliver my ashes shipment to an alternative address?

Yes. Subject to additional charges. Please see our Conditions of Carriage and our Change and Cancel policies for further details.

Can I schedule a new delivery date and/or time for an ashes shipment?

Yes. Subject to additional charges. Please see our Conditions of Carriage and our Change and Cancel policies for further details.

I have selected the wrong service - Can this be changed?

Yes. For our cremated remains transport service, same day / direct drive, or similar, changes can be made at any time subject to additional charges. Please see our Conditions of Carriage and our Change and Cancel policies for further details.

Changes on our economy ashes shipping services are unavailable once an ashes shipment has been forwarded via Canada Post or the USPS for final delivery.

Terms and Conditions FAQs

What are SpeedLink's Change and Cancellation policies?

SpeedLink endeavours to be as flexible as possible. However, Express and Economy shipments that travel via our DHL partner are not amendable once collected. For our same day / direct services, any changes can be made at any time subject to additional charges. Please see our Change and Cancel policy.

Where can I find SpeedLink's Conditions of Carriage?

SpeedLink's Conditions of Carriage can be viewed Here