Japan Radio Company

SpeedLink transports and Inmarsat Maritime Broadband set from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport to the Port of Algeciras in 30 hours - meeting the vessel and eliminating port waiting time.

Time Critical Shipment to the vessel EBN Batuta

Mission success

Client called SpeedLink on Friday at the end of business to arrange for an urgent collection of a consignment on Monday morning from JRC in Amsterdam. JRC was about to close for the weekend, and our vessel maintenance client was unable to get the shipment out to be transported by road to Algeciras in time for the Batuta calling in to port.

After enlisting SpeedLink's marine courier services, we were given the task of collecting when JRC opened Monday morning with a delivery deadline of 17:00 the following day – a 1519 mile journey.

Same day courier service specialists SpeedLink collected the shipment as requested on Monday morning. After loading, the vehicle departed Amsterdam at approximately 10:00 Monday and reached Algeciras at 16:00 Tuesday with an hour to spare.

(The kit in question is the white dome sitting atop a mast just above the bridge in the adjacent photograph.)

Time Critical European Same Day

Mission Details:

Shipment: Inmarsat Maritime communication system
Consignor: Japan Radio Company
Point of Origin: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Destination: EBN Batuta, Port of Algeciras, Spain
Distance: 1519 miles / 2444 KM
Transit Time: 30 hours

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SpeedLink has a decade and a half of experience on two continents exceeding our customers’ expectations. At SpeedLink, we understand the critical importance of helping you – our customer – maintaining your relationship with – your customer.

We treat each and every shipment we handle as “Mission Critical” and “Time Critical.” With that approach coupled with the ability to be ultra-flexible, SpeedLink can customise a solution for your mission requirement. So, whether it is a letter going across town, and spare part going to an awaiting vessel or stem cells racing to a lab, SpeedLink can deliver a suitable solution to virtually anywhere on the globe.

Service Provided:

Time Critical Shipments
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"Dealing with SpeedLink on a day-to-day basis has proved to be very easy. We make a telephone call, look at the options available, and then let them get on with the job while we concentrate on our business.

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