PFW Aerospace, Speyer Germany

SpeedLink transports aircraft spares to prevent a shutdown situation for a major aerospace manufacturer/supplier.

Time Critical Aerospace Logistics

Mission success

Our in-depth understanding of upstream, downstream and project activities means we can help you deliver parts and equipment wherever you need them. Our specialist energy team supports you with a comprehensive range of global solutions, from chartered or scheduled air and ocean transportation to overland logistics and final delivery. We use standard processes based on global best practice and global metrics through which we deliver outstanding performance, high service levels and optimize your supply chain costs.

All our logistics solutions are supported by our advanced web-based tracking systems, so you can see that your operations will not be disrupted.

Time Critical Aerospace Logistics

Mission Details:

Shipment: Specialist aircraft spares
Consignor: Engineering firm, UK
Point of Origin: Gloucester, UK
Destination: PFW Aerospace, Speyer, Germany
Distance: 605 miles / 973 KM
Transit Time: 11 hours


The right fit for you

SpeedLink has a decade and a half of experience on two continents exceeding our customers’ expectations. At SpeedLink, we understand the critical importance of helping you – our customer – maintaining your relationship with – your customer.

We treat each and every shipment we handle as “Mission Critical” and “Time Critical.” With that approach coupled with the ability to be ultra-flexible, SpeedLink can customise a solution for your mission requirement. So, whether it is a letter going across town, and spare part going to an awaiting vessel or stem cells racing to a lab, SpeedLink can deliver a suitable solution to virtually anywhere on the globe.

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